Too funny!


China Glaze Awakening

Grrrr. Our stupid Sally Beauty Supply won’t have the new China Glaze  fall collection til Friday, or possibly Thursday.  They can’t say for sure. How frustrating! I just want one little nail polish, and apparently in other parts of the country, the collection’s been in stores since late September! We have the smallest crappiest Sally’s ever! 😦

So prettys!


Amazing Race

I just finished watching the Amazing Race! Love that show. I am so glad the asians didn’t go home!  They so do not deserve to get eliminated, esp. after the dad took the time to complete the task.  There are much more annoying teams who should get kicked off first! Anyone who hasn’t seen the show before should definitely start now! It’s so good!

Hello world!

Hello everyone! My first blog ever! Yay!